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Dr. Randy D. Aronson VMD, CCRT

Leading Integrative Veterinarian

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There’s absolutely zero risk in trying! Your pup will love how K9 Belly Bliss transforms their health! If you decide the product isn’t for you within the next 180 days, let us know, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.


K9 Belly Bliss
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  • David R.

    Verified customer

    “Rash-free for a month!”

    “About a year ago, my dog came down with some spots under her coat that at first, I thought was ringworm. So I treated them as such and they went away. But then they came back with hair loss and even larger rash areas. Fast forward through months of switching between antifungals and antibiotics, with no results to show for it. And then I came across Dr. Randy and K9 Belly Bliss. Within weeks, and her horrible, smelly, raw, itchy, red rash was healing! She didn’t smell so bad, and she even had more pep in her step. As of today, she’s been rash-free for a month! My only regret is that I didn’t find this sooner. Thank you!”

  • Vicky Y.

    Verified customer

    “Completely firmed up his poops…”

    “I have an English Bulldog with a very, very sensitive stomach. He’s 10 years old now, and due to chronic health problems, he has to take a lot of meds. I know that’s not good for his tummy, but what can I do? So I’ve tried all sorts of probiotics to help protect his gut. But honestly, I’ve never seen a difference in his poops or how he seems to feel. Well that all changed with K9 Belly Bliss. It’s completely firmed up his poops, and he is way less gassy. All in all, highly recommend to anyone that has a dog with digestive issues.”